Custom Machining

Alpha Omega Swiss has worked in the Swiss machining and precision CNC machining industry for over 30 years to manufacture a vast array of plastic parts and metal products. In that time we have met an impressive array of prototype machining challenges. We understand that each machining project is distinct and requires its own approach and attention. Beyond our CNC turningmilling, prototype machining, precision CNC machining and other processes we offer other custom machining. To accommodate the vast variety of part types and industry specifications, we welcome custom projects.

Our precision CNC machining specialists have years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision machined shafts. We are able to provide insight and advice through prototype machining on the best material and design for your machined shaft. Whether you have a complete shaft design in mind or you need help with the process, Alpha Omega Swiss is ready to manufacture your machined shaft by utilizing prototype machining for accuracy and precision CNC machining for mass production.

Alpha Omega Swiss not only provides clients with custom machining services, we also offer value-added consulting service. Our experienced machinists help our clients determine appropriate materialmachining process and run volume for maximum productivity. In the end our goal is to provide custom machining that is as efficient as our traditional machining methods.

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